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Content  Volume 2, Number 4, August, 2012,P253-33
Original article
Disease mapping of Leishmaniasis outbreak in Afghanistan: spatial hierarchical Bayesian analysis
Progressive increasing of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Kashan district, central of Iran
Seasonal prevalence of parasitic infection of yaks in Arunachal Pradesh, Indi
Mosquito distribution and West Nile virus infection in zoos and in important sites of migratory and resident birds, Thailand
Surveillance of multidrug resistance of two Gram-positive pathogenic bacteria in a teaching hospital and in vitro efficacy of 30 ethnomedicinal plants used by an aborigine of India
Avian influenza in village chickens, its awareness and presence of potential risk practices among rural dwellers
Epidemiology of dermatophytosis in and around Tiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu, India
Coverage and compliance MDA programme for lymphatic filariasis in Bidar district, Karnataka, India
Lymphocyte subpopulations among pregnant women in Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria
Mammographic characterization of breast cancer associated with axillary lymph node metastasis
Developing ultra deformable vesicular transportation of a bioactive alkaloid in pursuit of vitiligo therapy
Memory-enhancing activity of Anacyclus pyrethrum in albino Wistar rats
Ulcer healing properties of different extracts of Origanum majorana in streptozotocin-nicotinamide induced diabetic rats
In vitro antiplasmodial activity of Clathria vulpina sponge associated bacteria against Plasmodium falciparum
Larvicidal potential of Acorus calamus L. essential oil against filarial vector mosquito
Rhinacanthus nasutus - Its protective role in oxidative stress and antioxidant status in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats
Toxicity induced by nanoparticles
Case report
Tetanus in an unvaccinated child: A case report
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