Aims & Scope

Content     Volume 5, Number 6, June, 2015,P421-P502

Hepatitis B virus infection in pregnant women and transmission to newborns
Medicinal plants and their derivatives with amyloid beta inhibitory activity as potential targets for drug discovery
Basic researches
Effects of α-tocopherol on the in vivo antitrypanosomal effects of phenolics-rich fraction of Khaya senegalensis stem bark
Dirofilaria repens in dogs from Assam, India
Assessment of the haematological profile of children with malaria parasitaemia treated with three different artemisinin-based combination therapies
Phytochemical screening and antimalarial activity of some plants traditionally used in Indonesia
Larvicidal activity of essential oils of Citrus sinensis and Citrus aurantium (Rutaceae) cultivated in Morocco against the malaria vector Anopheles labranchiae (Diptera: Culicidae)
Chemical characterization and mosquito larvicidal activity of essential oil from leaves of Persea americana Mill (Lauraceae) against Culex quinquefasciatus (Say)
Bacteriological and parasitological assessment of currencies obtained in selected markets of Metro Manila
Role of Toxplasma gondii serology in patients with habitual abortions
Screening of plantaricin EF and JK in an Algerian Lactobacillus plantarum isolate
Studies on the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of Cassia sophera roots
Screening Thai plants for DNA protection, anti-collagenase and suppression of MMP-3 expression properties
Study of correlation of crystalluria and hematuria for lithiasic and non lithiasic subjects
Case report
Cat scratch disease presenting as increased intracranial pressure and aseptic meningitis
Emerging Leishmania siamensis in Southern Thailand: some facts and perspectives