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Content     Volume 5, Number 8, August, 2015,P589-P669

Epidemiological role of a rodent in Morocco: Case of cutaneous leishmaniasis
A review on pharmacological properties of Bidens biternata: A potential nutraceutical
Original article
Diagnostic value of vascular endothelial growth factor and interleukin-17 in association with molecular diagnosis of Wuchereria bancrofti infection
Detection of IgM and IgG antibodies against hepatitis E virus in donated blood bags from a national voluntary blood bank in Metro Manila, Philippines
Leptopsylla taschenbergi taschenbergi (Siphonaptera: Leptopsyllidae), new flea from Iran
Potential role of mefloquine (antimalarial drug) and methanol extract of Chenopodium ambrosioides and Sesbania sesban in mice infected with Schistosoma mansoni
Comparison of parasite infection degree in cattle (Bos sp.) using faecal egg counting method in two East Java regions, Lamongan and Gresik
Threat of multidrug resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Western Nepal
First report of environmental isolation of Cryptococcus neoformans and other fungi from pigeon droppings in Makkah, Saudi Arabia and in vitro susceptibility testing
Identification of collected ectoparasites of rodents in the west of Khuzestan Province (Ahvaz and Hovizeh), southwest of Iran
Antioxidant activity and phytochemical screening of two Cucurbitaceae: Citrullus colocynthis fruits and Bryonia dioica roots
A mixture of honey bee products ameliorates the genotoxic side effects of cyclophosphamide
Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of essential oil isolated from Omani basil (Ocimum basilicum Linn.)
Prediction of the ligands having the inhibitory activity against the HCV non-structural protein 5B polymerase
Alteration in biochemical indices following chronic administration of methanolic extract of Nigeria bee propolis in Wistar rats
Clinical research
Knowledge and practice of malaria prevention among caregivers of children with malaria admitted to a teaching hospital in Ghana
Prevalence of pathogenicity island markers genes in uropathogenic Escherichia coli isolated from patients with urinary tract infectious
Case report
Cerebral toxoplasmosis in a patient leads to diagnosis of AIDS
Measles and respiratory failure: Case report and review of the last European outbreaks